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Cadance Bell and her partner Amanda, and sometimes other artists Cadance collaborates with.

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Personally autographed items usually can’t be returned. (It’d be weird to get a book signed to someone else).

Historically societies haven’t always been kind to trans people, and we’ve existed for thousands of years. Cadance believes that at the root of all social evolution is story, and so supporting transgender artists helps all of civilization understand gender identity.

Great progress has been made recently, though it’s not enough to tell stories about trans people. To really understand our lives and do justice to them, trans people must tell trans stories.

Story Circle

Story Circle rewards engagement with Ca.dance by giving Plot Points for various activities – such as receiving emails or making purchases in the shop.

Plot Points can be redeemed for rewards in the shop.

Just about everything that’s available in the shop is available as a reward.

For a complete list, check here.

Yes – unused Plot Points expire after 699 days of account inactivity.

Members earn 3 Plot Points per $1 spent on Ca.dance Shop.

There are many other ways to earn Plot Points, such as subscribing to Cadance’s email newsletter, inviting friends, completing activities and clicking on special links.

Plot Points can also be earned with CadyCodes – keep an eye out at Cadance’s appearances for these special codes.

Shiny Membership is a special status for Cady’s biggest supporters. Shiny members receive special bonuses, earn more Plot Points and get invitations to V.I.P. events.

The status upgrade lasts for one year.


Shiny Membership is earned by spending $149 or more in Ca.dance Shop in any 12 month period.

It can also be earned with special promotions and purchases.


Videos can be streamed right here on Ca.dance Shop. 

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Currently videos can only be streamed via devices which can load webpages.

Support for other devices (like AppleTV) isn’t yet available.

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