Purple Donation

You are a great supporter of the arts and you want to help the planet at the same time. A purple donation funds travel for Cadance to research her stories, while also investing in carbon offsetting initiatives!

See the description for what the different amounts achieve!

  • Description

    Cadance Bell is a deeply kinetic storyteller who marinates in real world environments before capturing them on the page and the screen. Not only does it enrich her stories with tactile reflections of our living world, it also encourages her audiences to visit these same places, and to add their own mythologies, to bring their own stories to these places.

    What if, together, we could make Cady’s research and development a carbon positive for the planet?


    A $50 donation plants 12 trees and funds land travel in Australia half a day.

    A $100 donation offsets 1 tonne of carbon and funds Cadance’s land travel & meals for story R&D in Australia for one day.

    A $250 donation offsets 3 tonnes of carbon and funds accommodation in Australia overnight.

    A $1500 donation offsets 10 tonnes of carbon and plants 50 trees while funding travel & accommodation in Australia for one week.

    A $5500 donation offsets 35 tonnes of carbon and plants 200 trees worldwide while funding travel & accommodation for Cady to develop a story in an international location for up to a fortnight.

  • Additional information
    Donation Amount

    $50, $100, $250, $1500, $5500

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